Preparations for Sean’s superhero party

I had a lot of fun preparing for Sean’s superhero-themed party and you know me, I like going down the DIY route.

The superhero theme is really fab for a party and I had no shortage of ideas, thanks for Pinterest!

I started preparing for the party about a month before. First thing I chanced upon were these awesome satin superhero capes and felt masks from Aliexpress – that helped me settle on the theme very quickly!

I wasn’t keen on buying superhero costumes for the boys so I got them from our regular costumer rental shop My Mini-Me. I highly recommend them!

Next I made the piñata. I wanted to try a non-round piñata this time but wasn’t sure what to make – Sean was going to be Captain America so I thought maybe the Captain America shield until Foops told me the shield is supposed to be unbreakable. In the end, I settled for a simple black bomb. I had a bit of trouble with the piñata this time because it was so wet and rainy the week before National Day it couldn’t dry properly and I wasn’t sure if I had made it strong enough. Thankfully it worked out okay in the end! The kids were more than happy to help me fill it up with a shocking amount of candies and gummies (sorry, parents!).

For the goodie bags, I chanced upon some superhero alphabets online and thought they were really cute. So I used them to spell out our little guests’ names on the goodie bags. It looked good but I really underestimated how much time and effort that took, haha. I love giving out books so I got superhero-themed Little Golden Books and Early Readers for the kids – I hope they like the books!

I was getting cupcakes for his school celebration so I made some simple cupcake toppers from a free superhero printable I found online.

I also made simple superhero cardboard shields. They came together really quickly. My boys love them and are still playing with them now!

I agonised over what superhero craft to do for days – because the kids would have capes and masks already. In the end, I settled for superhero cuffs made from toilet rolls (of which we had many). The kids helped me paint them in bright colours. When the paint dried, I cut each roll in half and rounded the corners. Then I prepared embellishments, washi tape and foam stickers and markers for the kids to go crazy.

For the games, I got the Pass the Kryptonite game settled first. I included a game and a dare (eg. run round the circle at the speed of lighting like Superman) in each layer and had twelve layers altogether. I swear the wrapping took me an entire evening!

Then there was the bowling game that I put together on the day of the party. I just filled some plastic bottles with a bit of water (for stability) and pasted eyes on them to represent ‘baddies’. Ryan volunteered to try out the game for me.

In a fit of delirium, I also made superhero Chupa-Chups (reward for completing the station games). I found a cute superhero lollipop printable online and couldn’t resist. I did feel a bit insane cutting the teeny tiny masks and capes at 2am though. Also, I had to hide this from Jo who kept shouting ‘pop’ when he saw them and wanted to rip the capes off and eat them!

On the day of the party, I quickly did a chalk drawing and we blew the balloons up ourselves. Our first time blowing balloons on our own with a helium tank. I got some huge balloons and thought they would be so cute. Alas, we ran out of helium after we blew the two huge balloons you see in the picture!

The one thing that was not executed properly was the photobooth. I had grand plans to draw a city skyline as a backdrop – I salvaged a big piece of cardboard from the dump, sketched the city outline but alas did not have enough time to finish painting it. At the very last minute, I thought of improvising with a big piece of blue cloth as a the photobooth backdrop instead. I did make these little city blocks from cardboard boxes but the party venue was so windy they kept getting blown away. In the end, they were put to good use at the station games – the kids hopped over them in a giant leap of course. I also made masks and prepared props for the photo booth. I guess I could have done more publicity for the photobooth – I don’t think many people realized there was one! Ah well, will try again next time!

If you are keen, here’s where I got everything:
Kids’ costumes: The costumes are from My Mini-Me. The rental rates are really decent – about $10 to $15 per costume. Great when you don’t want to buy a costume. I would definitely go to them again for our future parties!

Superhero capes and masks: I ordered them from Aliexpress. The capes and masks were affordable and of decent quality. Saved me the trouble of sewing them myself!

Superhero cuffs (craft activity): They are just painted toilet rolls cut in half and their corners rounded. Embellishments, star stickers, foam stickers and washi tape are from my own craft stash.

Giant balloons and helium tank: Helium tank is part of a balloon kit from Spotlight and giant balloons are from Aliexpress. The tank was really small though. Only enough to fill two huge balloons and a handful of small ones. I want to try a big helium tank next time – anyone knows where I can get one? Definitely much cheaper blowing them yourself than buying them from shops. Saved me from having to go pick them up before the party too!

Goodie bags: Brown paper bags from Daiso. I filled them with a superhero Little Golden Book (eg. Frozen, Big Hero Six, Batman, Spiderman, etc). Books from Kinokuniya (I would buy them from Book Depository if I had more foresight). Treasure hunt and pinata snacks/sweets are mostly from the Warehouse Club in Tuas – if you are buying things in bulk, they have good discounts.

Alphabet bunting: Typo.

Chalkboard: Ikea.

Pass the Parcel: The idea is just to wrap one ‘dare’ in each layer. Small gift optional. Needs a bit of forward planning what goes into each layer. Lots of wrapping paper required. I used magazine and old wrapping paper. The game is really good for younger kids.

Station games: We set up a few game stations – the kids were scooting at the speed of lighting, sliding down a slide, punching baddies (bobbing helium balloons) with boxing gloves, bowling down bad guys (big plastic bottles filled with a bit of water), jumping over buildings (cardboard boxes made to look like buildings) in a big leap, tossing balls into holes (cut out from a big piece of cardboard). Their reward for completing the course: superhero lollipops.

Photo booth: As mentioned above, it was a flop because I didn’t have enough time to finish it. I do think it would be really cool to have a city skyline backdrop and props (we already had the capes and masks but I also made cardboard shields and silly glasses/moustaches) for adults and kids to pose for pictures with. I also wrapped some shoeboxes with shiny wrapping paper and decorated them with square pieces of paper to resemble small buildings.

Pinata: Black crepe paper from Popular. You can find instructions on how to make pinatas online. I just boil equal parts of flour and water and keep stirring the mixture till it become a thick paste-like mixture. I have found that three layers of newspaper papier mache is just the right thickness – strong enough to withstand the kids’ bashing but not too hard that it cannot be broken by the kids. You will need about a week to make the entire pinata so cater enough time for it.

I know it seems like a lot of work – and it was – but let’s just call it my labour of love for my kids 🙂

Hope this is helpful to those of you planning a superhero party. It truly is a great theme for parties!