Storytime with Tickle Your Senses: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

We were recently invited to a Storytime with Tickle Your Senses workshop. We love books and we have been hearing many good things about the Tickle Your Senses sensory kits so of course I said YES ūüôā

We attended the inaugural Storytime with Tickle Your Senses session featuring all things construction. The session was conducted at the lovely Trehaus (I will write about the place in a separate post).

The children donned neon yellow construction vests.¬†The session opened with a story –¬†Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherry Duskey Rinker (author) and Tom Lichtenheld (illustrator).

The children were amused to hear how the hardworking trucks at a big construction site say goodnight and lie down to rest after a hard day’s work. It was an interactive session where the children learned about Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator and even got to pretend to be the different types of construction vehicles and took turns to paste the¬†characters on the story board.

Then came the fun hands-on part.

The children got busy with a special edition Construction Playdough Kit (which was given to all participants to bring home). It came with a tub of homemade sand playdough, a toy tractor, a rolling pin, a curvy roller cutter and three construction vehicle stamps.

Oh my, my boys and I fell in love with Tickle Your Senses play dough. I can finally understand why my friends have been raving about it Рthe sand-coloured homemade play dough is non-toxic and taste-safe and was truly soft and lovely to mould. I also really appreciated that it did not stick to the table, the tools or our hands like most commercial play dough did.

My boys really went to town with the kit making roads, boulders, logs and stamping out construction vehicles. Such a nice hands-on activity – they could have sat there for hours I’m sure!

I had to drag them away to try the next activity – making slime!

Here, the kids mixed glue, hot water and a bit of food colouring in a bowl and ta-dah, DIY coloured slime! The boys enjoyed playing with its gooey texture with their hands, prodding it, stretching it out, watching it ooze from between their fingers and even sticking a straw into int and blowing giant bubbles. Such fun.

The 1.5h session finally rounded off with a song around a parachute. We were so sorry to say goodbye!

Big thumbs up for the Storytime with Tickle Your Senses workshop¬†– I highly recommend them! The facilitators Felicia and Chao Chyi (who are mothers themselves) were very patient and forthcoming¬†especially with the younger¬†children who needed more guidance. It is a drop-off class so I¬†probably didn’t even have to be there at all.

It was¬†also¬†obvious that a lot of planning and thought (and love!) went into the sensory kits¬†and activities. I mean they even had someone playing on the xylophone for sound effects during story telling ‚Äď how‚Äôs that for dedication? ūüėČ

It is also very rare¬†to find children’s workshops where all three of my boys (aged 6, 4 and 2) can enjoy alongside each other and be meaningfully occupied for the entire duration. I thought Jo would be too young for it but he absolutely loved being involved in the activities and hardly cared whether I was there with him or not ūüôā

And that’s not all – we were lucky enough to get a little sneak peek¬†of their next Storytime with Tickle Your Senses workshop¬†(happening at Trehaus sometime in May).

Look at the dreamy ocean-themed kit we received! Included in the nifty box was a jar of blue-green-white water beads, a scoop, a strainer, small sea creatures and two packs of dehydrated water beads. I wonder what story they are going to read it with!

The boys went straight for the curious-looking water beads in the jar. We poured them into a tub and the boys had lots of fun playing with them – they are bulbous, fun to hold in your hands and really great for sensory play.

We¬†also put the two¬†packets of dehydrated water beads¬†in a tub¬†of¬†water to grow them¬†‚Äď they started off really¬†tiny (like¬†seeds)¬†but can grow in water to many times their size. I didn‚Äôt realize how many of the tiny beads we had put in the water until we saw them overflowing out of the tub the next morning! I packed them into containers for the boys to play with during their bath times. It’s been more than a week and the boys are still loving them!

Do stay tuned to Tickle Your Senses¬†website¬†for more details on their next Storytime with Tickle Your Senses workshop. I heard they run out of spaces quickly so don’t miss out!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Storytime workshop for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. Trust me, the pleasure was all ours!