Baby E turns 1!

My little nephew E turned 1 recently. The first year of a child’s life is always eventful and memorable so my sis and BIL decided to throw a celebratory first birthday bash for him.

We contributed helium balloons and a first birthday cake. My mum, Pris and I spent two days baking the cake, cutting it to a number 1 shape and decorating it. We only finished at 1am the night before the party! It was quite stressful (what if it fails?!) and honestly looked quite homemade (haha) but it was made with a lot of LOVE. Luckily, it tasted alright too!

The party was held at Boufe, a quiant cafe tucked away in the heart of Tanglin. The spread of food was super yummy – I loved the truffle mash potato, crab pasta, crispy wings, citron tarts and iced lychee tea. We had fun sitting back and relaxing because it wasn’t our party 😉

Happy first birthday baby E – may you grow up to be wise and kind. Hope you like your big boy bike! And congrats to my sis and BIL on surviving your first year as parents!