A surprise Montigo getaway

At the end of the June hols, I pulled together a little surprise getaway for Foops’ birthday.

I settled on Montigo Resorts, Batam which I have always wanted to visit. It was quite pricey for the Hari Raya long weekend but hey how often does one of our birthdays fall on a public holiday, and a long weekend at that! I couldn’t figure out how to keep it a surprise all the way and get the whole family to the ferry terminal at 7am on a weekend morning so I had to spill the beans to the hubs a few days prior. Still a surprise, right?!

It was the kids and my first visit to Batam. We arrived at the resort quite early so we whiled away our time at the Kids’ Club while waiting for our villa to be ready.

We were quite impressed with the Kids’ Club even though it is showing some signs of age. The whole building is cleverly built out of bamboo with a small pool and a decent play area for the kids.

The Deluxe 2-Bedroom Villa we stayed in blew my boys’ minds away.

We had the most gorgeous view of the sea. The villa is three-storeys high and comes with two bedrooms, a small lap pool out front and a huge tub on the second floor. ‘This is the biggest house we have ever stayed in, Mama!’, exclaimed Ryan. The house was so big I couldn’t even hear the kids when they were in another level. Not sure if that is a good thing though. I had to watch them like a hawk because of the pool out front!

(To be very honest, our stay was not all perfect. Some gripes we had: the floor was quite gritty, there were a lot of mozzies, food choices within the resort were quite limited and rather pricey and the service was a bit patchy at times. Just sharing to keep it real. Just don’t go there with sky high expectations!)

We had a very comfy stay and hardly ever left ventured out of the resort the whole 3 days.

The resort is not very big. The boys really liked being ferried around the resort in buggies (which they nicknamed ‘Zuzuzuela’ after the huge slide we tried in Sunway Lagoon).

There’s no beach to speak of (which was a bit of a let-down) but there is a long jetty that extends to the sea – I wanted to bring the boys on the banana boat but they were not very keen.

Our routine for the three days went pretty much like this: pool-bathe-breakfast-Kids’ Club-pool-bathtub-dinner-watch cartoons-sleep. The one and only time we headed out of the resort was to eat at a nearby kelong for dinner – it was cheap and good!

The highlight of the trip for hubs and I – we managed to squeeze in a body massage. I asked the hubs to go for one (since it was his birthday and I didn’t really mind not going) but he felt bad and made another booking for me after he was done. We had to take turns haha but hey that’s how it is when you have kids in tow!

On our second day, it was actually Hari Raya. We had lunch at Pantai, one of two restaurants in the resort, and the staff arranged for a birthday cake to be delivered to our table! Very nice of the staff to make the effort though they really did not have to activate so many people to sing the birthday song 😉

The boys enjoyed the stay very much. I think holidays like these which do not involve sightseeing and moving around too much are perfect for them at this age. Foops and I did manage to get some reading done, chilled at the pool and caught up on sleep so it was a good break for us too.

I think I wouldn’t mind going back again but will definitely try to get the villas at off-peak periods (and prices)!

We got back to Singapore in the evening (one day before school reopened). Met up with the grand folks for another round of cake-blowing and dinner even though we were spent from the travelling! Hope the hubs had a happy birthday. Till next year!