Healthy bentos for children with Milo

Hands up, who grew up with Milo? 🙂

One of my favourite childhood memories is of my mother making cold Milo as an after-dinner treat. I would help add the ice cubes and stir before helping myself to a big cup of ‘Milo peng’. I also remember when I got bored on quiet afternoons, I would sneak into the kitchen and scoop Milo powder from the tin and eat it just like that. Anyone did this too?!

It’s quite amazing that Milo with its trademark green packaging looks (and tastes) pretty much the same today and my children drink iced Milo with the same fervour as I did (and still do)!

So when I received an invite to a bento-making workshop by Milo Singapore, I said yes immediately!

The event started with a short introduction to Milo. Did you know Milo originated from Australia and it is the most popular chocolate malt drink in Singapore?

Since Milo is a huge advocate of healthy breakfasts for children, we got to learn how to make a healthy bento breakfast with Shirley better known as Little Miss Bento at the Cookyn Inc premises. I have always wanted to learn how to make a pretty bento so this was a golden opportunity for me to learn.

Shirley brought us through the process of preparing a bento set with a Mama Hen rice ball and two baby chicks. She was really engaging and very good with the children. The instructions were actually quite simple and straightforward. Even the children like Sean could manage on their own with little adult supervision.

First, the boys peeled the hard-boiled egg to get the yolk (they happily devoured the egg white). They then mixed the yolk with a handful of rice. The mixture is then shaped into small yellow balls (for the chicks) using cling wrap. How ingenious! We did the same for Mama Hen but with white rice and shredded crab sticks.

(If you are trying this at home, it is probably best not to squeeze the rice like my boys did, or you would end up with very dense, hard rice balls!)

With a bit of ingenuity, a slice of chicken ham quickly got turned into an apron for Mama Hen, red part of the crab stick into her hair, corn bits into her beak, seaweed (using a hole puncher) into her eyes and carrot bits into the chicks’ beaks and feet. I was so impressed!!!

Then all that was left was the assembly of the bento. In went Mama Hen and her chicks, lettuce, a cob of corn, grilled chicken wings, steamed broccoli and beans, cherry tomatoes and of course, a packet of ice-cold Milo! Easy peasy! Look at the children’s happy faces and their cute bentos! We actually went home and had the bentos for lunch. Yummy and healthy!

Thanks, Milo Singapore, for an enriching morning. Now I am inspired to put a little more effort into my boys’ snack box for school!