Jo’s excursion to The Animal Resort

I joined my little Joey on his excursion to The Animal Resort at Seletar recently. To be very honest, I hardly ever see him in school so he was over the moon to see me – he kept shouting to his teacher, 我的妈妈!!! Look at his happy face! So glad I didn’t miss it 🙂It was our first time at the Animal Resort. We were greeted by a beautiful horse at the entrance and the children enthusiastically started yanking grass around them to feed him.

We got a quick rundown by the lady who runs the place and the children sang ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’, haha.

The children were given packets of food and told to go forth to feed the animals. The animals are surprisingly very tame and seem accustomed to people. Jo was very brave and the birds just came right up to him to eat from his hand!

We also visited the rabbits and guinea pigs enclosure and Jo had fun feeding them carrots. I think the animals were very well-fed that day!

The farm is quite small and a bit run-down. The food for the animals is reasonably priced at $1 a packet. I would say it is good for young children. Though I am not sure if I would visit it on my own again! (Oh, if you are going, please spray lots of mozzie repellant coz the mozzies are vicious!)

Finally it was time for lunch. We sat down and Jo was so hungry he devoured an entire pack of fried rice. It was nice to meet his little friends – Jo still can’t really tell me the names of his friends  – because he is in an all-Chinese class and Chinese names are not his forte – yet but all the kids seem to know him 😉The children had a final go at the swings and said goodbye to the horse before we called it a day and boarded the bus back to school. This is probably the last time I can join my boys on their excursions because they don’t allow parents for higher levels. SOBS!