Just Fly It!

How was your September holidays?

As a last hurrah before school reopened, we cycled to Bishan Park for MacDonald’s breakfast, much to the boys’ delight. A rare treat because our weekend mornings are usually packed with classes!

Then we attended a Parent-Child Chuck Glider Workshop with Singapore’s largest enrichment programme provider offering aerospace-related programmes, Just Fly It.

Designed for children aged 5 and above, parent-child pairs will work together to design and build a glider from scratch and be able to fly our very own model plane.

Captain Joyce who has 13 years of aeromodelling experience under her belt gave us a good technical rundown to the parts of a plane and their significance. I will readily admit I have zero clue about planes but I felt like I learnt so much in one hour!

Then the fun part: making our very own model planes.

We were taught how the different parts of the plane should be shaped from balsa wood and fit together. Sean relished being able to design his own plane while the younger kids helped to decorate the plane 😉

It was a bit tricky, especially working with penknives and superglue (I really would not recommend it for younger children) but I liked that we were applying STEM techniques and it was all very hands-on. There is really a lot to consider when designing a plane!

Everything came together quite nicely in the end. Loved seeing everyone’s completed planes together!

Finally, we could take our planes to Bishan Park for a test run. Joyce gave us a final ‘secret ingredient’ to make our planes fly better and sure enough, they did! We had a fun time whizzing our planes around – okay our planes need a bit of tweaking still, haha!

Thanks for a fun morning, Just Fly It!

If you are keen on joining the Parent-Child Chuck Glider Workshop, here is the Chuck Glider Workshop Fact Sheet. It is $45 for each parent-child pair. Really makes for a fun family bonding activity – I would highly recommend it for primary school going children!