Daily Archives: September 15, 2017

Of dinosaurs and pschedelic animals at Artgrain

I would love to sign my boys up for regular art lessons (coz this Mama loves art) but they are busy enough as it is. So I have figured the next best thing is, sending them for holiday art classes. Which works out great because they see art as a recreational activity rather than something they have to do every week.

This September holidays, we tried out Artgrain for the first time ever. It has been around in our neighbourhood – we walk past it all the time and it is always packed with students. It was a 3-day art workshop (3 hours each day). Ryan did Jurassic Art – he shaped two dinosaurs out of clay and painted a prehistoric landscape for them. Sean did Psychedelic Animals where he painted zebras (my favourite animals!) in fun, quirky colours. I would have loved to see them in action but didn’t have the chance as I was at work 🙁

I thought Sean’s final masterpiece was really quite stunning! Definitely earned a deserving spot on my walls. The boys told me they had fun. Maybe we will be back next holidays!