Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of my favourite Chinese festivals mainly coz it’s so low-key and simple.

Finally tried my hand at making snowskin mooncakes for the first time this year (with natural colouring from blue pea flowers). I made Oreo and cheese flavoured mooncakes and my mum made lotus paste ones. It is very easy and now I wonder what took me so long to learn! My mum made those in the pictures – the designs are so beautiful! Mine turned out quite ugly so I didn’t bother to take pictures of them.

So glad the rain finally cleared for a bit at night so we could go out toting lanterns. The full moon went into hiding behind the clouds but that did not deter us one bit. I didn’t bother buying cellophane lanterns this year coz we had lots of paper ones lying around and I knew my boys would toss them aside within 5 minutes!

Loved the awe on their faces, especially little Joey, when their lanterns got lit in the dark. Ryan’s lantern caught fire early on and they thought it was hilarious. And sure enough they tossed their lanterns to us within 5 minutes 😉

Then it was sparklers time! We haven’t played it in a while and the boys loved it. Check out Ryan’s sparkler dance!

We also played ‘Pop-pop’. They are mini firecracker things which you toss on the ground for a loud ‘pop’ sound. I loved playing with them as a child and was so happy to see them in Malacca so I brought some back for the boys to play (not sure if it is legal or not haha). They finished 4 boxes in no time 😉

Hope you had a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!