Bangkok Day 2: Chatuchak and MBK

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Day 2 in Bangkok, our first morning there. Kids were up at the crack of dawn since Thailand is one hour behind. Yawn! We washed up and headed out in the search of breakfast.

We weren’t quite sure where to go – nothing seemed to be open and even Macs at MBK was closed. Kids got a bit whiny and cranky from walking on empty stomachs. Thankfully we finally found Casa Lapin at Sukhumvit Soi! Never happier to order pricey pancakes and coffee 🙂Bellies full, we took a cab to Chatuchak (open on weekends only) as it was one of the places I really wanted to visit again in Bangkok.

It was quite a hot morning. Chanced upon coconut icecream at the entrance so we all tried some. So refreshingly good! Chatuchak is jam-packed with small shops selling everything from tshirts, bags to jewellery to plants and handmade soaps. I am past the age of buying knick-knacks and it was hard to browse leisurely with three restless boys but we still had a good look-see of the place. We covered only a teeny fraction of the entire market in the few hours we were there!We hardly bought anything but we did get some t-shirts for the boys coz Sean was very amused by the witty slogans.

For lunch, we managed to find the ‘famous’ wanton mee in Section 2 Soi 40 after walking in circles for a bit (I followed instructions here). Topped with yummy fried garlic bits, the noodles were springy and fragrant. Portions were small, like everything else in Bangkok!It was quite hot by noon time and kids were getting a bit sweaty and cranky.

We ducked into a small shop selling leather products. The boys (Papa included) chose leather wallets as well as metal studs to personalise them.

We came across an airconditioned massage place (with free Wifi!). We got to sit down and take a break, kids got plied with snacks and we all got a foot massage for less than SGD20!

I let the boys pick out one toy (they chose Pokemon imitation-Lego) and then we were out of Chatuchak! We went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.
Come evening, we ventured out to nearby Princess Pathumwan Hotel next to MBK. We had a wonderfully decadent dinner at Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant (which came highly recommended by Growing with The Tans). The sharks’ fin soup was delicious – I wouldn’t have ordered it but the husband said we should try it as it was one of their specialties. Kids lapped it all up with their rice. I really liked the fried prawns and fish maw too! Hands down, one of our best meals in Bangkok!
Took a slow walk around MBK, bought some snacks and then we called it a night.