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Day 5: As both my mum and sister were in Bangkok as well, we split up for the day – hubs and I brought the older boys to Kidzania Bangkok for the day while Jo followed my my mum and Pris.

(Kidzania tip no. 1: Kidzania was more suitable for children aged 4 and above. There is a toddler play area but it’s tiny and I can’t imagine Jo waiting in there the entire day whilst his brothers are doing jobs. It is actually our first visit to Kidzania – I am not brave enough to face the crowds in Singapore yet. It is situated in Siam Paragon and it opens from 10am-5pm on weekdays so it is very convenient.

(Kidzania tip no. 2: The fees are charged per entrance so once you enter the place, you cannot come out anymore so make sure you have everything – water, wet wipes, snacks, entertainment, etc – with you!)It was quite empty when we first entered at its opening hour of 10am on a weekday. The boys were very happy to head straight for the bank to collect their Kidzos ‘allowance’.First job of the day: police officers. We couldn’t go in with them but can peer in the window to look at them. They donned police vests and received a briefing. Then they went round the various places looking for a suspect. Finally found him in the fire department. Job done! (I followed them for a bit when they were making their rounds and the Thai staff could communicate in basic English just for them.)

(Kidzania tip no. 3: Kidzania does not really follow a set timing for the jobs. They will usually start once they have enough children. I think I only noticed there was a timing for pilots/air stewardess which were the more popular job choices.)Next job: vet. The children listened to a briefing on how to take care of animals, posed for pics and fed the fish (haha).

(Kidzania tip no. 4: Kidzania is big on taking pictures of your child in action. They have dedicated photographers at most of the stations and will spend a fair amount of time on getting the children to pose nicely for pics. The children will get a piece of paper with a code which you can later scan at the front counter and decide whether to purchase the pictures or not. Hubs did not let me buy the pics, hmph.)Third job: air stewards. This was super cute even though I couldn’t see them in person (I snapped the pics from the CCTV screen). They were dressed in Air Asia black uniforms and pushing the trolley to serve the guests. Gah, can’t stand the cuteness!Next up, soccer player. This was the only ‘job’ Sean wanted to try. I had to gently encourage him to try others before doing this.

The children just split into two teams and played soccer. Sean loved it. Ryan, on the other hand, ran away from the ball every time it came towards him. HAHA! Sean had so much fun (he was completely drenched with sweat after the game) and wanted to go again. I had to drag them both off for lunch.Lunch was at MacDonalds. Children have to ‘pay’ to work here but they do get to eat a proper lunch. The children learnt how to make their own burger. The boys didn’t want any pickles or veg or mayo in their burger so theirs were the easiest burger to make.

(Kidzania tip no. 6: Good idea to let the children work at MacDonalds around lunch time so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I can’t really remember if there were other places doing the same.

Kidzania tip no. 7: There aren’t many good food options for adults inside Kidzania. I would suggest you tapau your own food/snacks and drinks.)I really wanted the boys to try out the jobs where they get to ride in a rescue vehicle but they were very popular.

Finally I managed to get them jobs as paramedics. The children wore cute little paramedic tops, learned how to work with the medical equipment and then off they went on the ambulance!

They quickly got off to help someone who had fainted outside the police station. I found the interactions between the different occupations very amusing. How professional do the children look? 🙂Next up: tomato farmers. I thought the uniforms were the cutest in the whole of Kidzania! The children plucked tomatoes and packed them into wooden crates. Then they were told to deliver the tomatoes to the tomato factory. They did a good job navigating their way though I think they lost one or two tomatoes along the way though, haha.

(Kidzania tip no. 5: Delivery jobs are super fun for the children because they get to push carts and move around the place.)The boys have worked hard all day. Time for a cotton candy break!After that, yet another delivery job as courier boys. This is quite cute coz they are given maps and told to drop off packages at 3 different locations. I thought the maps could be clearer so the children could read them on their own. We had to help them with the navigation, else they would never finish their jobs!

Finally, we managed to get a slot at the ever popular firemen station. The children sat through a safety briefing and then boarded the fire engine complete with sirens blaring to put a burning building out of fire. Bravo, boys!

Construction workers up next. The boys laid some bricks and later hoisted a bucket using an actual crane. Very cool!

Last job for the day: petrol attendants. Which kid doesn’t like to pump petrol?! Not my kids. It was almost closing time and the boys were quite restless by this time and not really doing their jobs properly!

The boys complete 13 jobs in a day (!!!) and hardly had to queue for any of them. We brought them to the Kidzania shop where they could spend their hard-earned Kidzos.

Ryan was the sweetest. He actually deliberated at the counter for very long and bought me a hairclip! Aiyo, I made him return it and buy something for himself (it was also because it was something I would never wear). In the end, they bought lanyards for their bottles. Actually the selection wasn’t great and there was not very much they could buy with their Kidzos!

Just before we left, Foops found a secret agent job near the entrance. You have to pay to play – it’s a high-tech obstacle of sorts, eg. you have to make sure you don’t touch any of the laser lights. The boys loved it and actually went 3 times back to back!

Highly productive day at Kidzania, I have to say.  

Then we walked over to meet my mother and sisters at Ping’s Hotpot at Princess Pathumwan Hotel again. Just had to share the goodness with them. I was happy to know that Jo had a great day out shopping at Platinum Mall 😉

After dinner, we brought the boys back to the hotel and got them ready for dinner. Then Foops put them to bed while I went out with my mum and sisters to Rod Fai Ratchada Night Market. It is located directly behind Cultural Centre MRT Underground Station (or you can just take a cab there).

We had a nice walkaround in the bustling night market. We bought leather flats, cute socks, distressed tshirts for the boys and fried calamari that was super yums. So nice not to have grumpy children in tow, haha! A good night out.