Bangkok Day 6, 7: Imaginarium Playland and Neon Talad night market

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Bangkok Day 6, 7: This post

It was our last full day in Bangkok. Can’t believe there is so much to see and do in Bangkok – we have barely scratched the surface!

We walked over to Casa Lapin for breakfast with my family. Quite chaotic and stressful eating with restless kids :\ The food and ambience of the place is lovely otherwise!

Then we split up and went out separate ways. A friend recommended Imaginia Playland at The Emporium (24 Sukhumvit Rd) so we headed there with the boys.

 Imaginia Playland

The Emporium Shopping Complex

3rd Floor, 24 Sukhumvit Rd

Imaginia Playland is one of the loveliest indoor playgrounds I have ever been to. The entrance fees (for 3 hours of play) are quite reasonably priced (250 baht for kids, 200 baht for adults).

I believe it is opened by a Japanese so there is a strong Japanese influence throughout the whole place. The place is very well-maintained and thoughtfully set up with cubby holes for belongings, cozy reading nooks, art rooms and many fun play areas for children.

There’s just something about Japanese playgrounds – they are calming and not too brightly coloured or overly stimulating.

I really have to take my hat off to the Japanese for thinking of everything. For example, they even hand out cute cloud-shaped mats for the boys to go down the slides!

Will let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. This was definitely our best find for the trip – I highly recommend it if you are travelling with children!

Not surprisingly, the boys were very reluctant to leave at the end of 3 hours!

Since we have yet to check out any hip restaurants (so hard with kids!), I insisted we have lunch at Karmakamet Diner at Sukhumvit just behind Emporium Mall.

It is a beautiful rustic glass house tucked in a lush garden. One of our pricier meals during the trip and definitely not a place to bring kids. I felt so bad for the couples around us coz my boys were so rowdy!

I didn’t think their dishes were outstanding – though maybe it was because I was so stressed shushing the kids (it was also past Jo’s naptime and he was super cranky)!

We did try their popular rainbow cotton candy strawberry dessert. Almost every table ordered it. My boys demolished it in seconds! It was evening by then. Didn’t see the point of going back to the hotel so we found a nearby massage place which was okay with kids and settled down for a massage. Sean actually tried a full body massage with Foops – he really wanted to try one! Ryan did a foot massage with me (Jo fell asleep right after lunch) – and he ended up dozing off too! Zzz, I was just glad to have a break for a bit 🙂After that, Foops had to go collect a suit from the tailor so we hung around The EmQuartier area. We chanced upon a big Pokémon pop-up so the boys got their fill of Pokémon cartoons 😉Then we cabbed to Neon Talad night market to meet my family for dinner. My sisters got me tomyum mama noodles from a non-descript roadside stall and it was one of my favourite meal of the entire trip. So good!

The boys had salt-baked fish and fried rice for dinner. Then we had a walkaround the market for a bit. It seemed more sanitized and was nowhere as vibrant as Rod Fai. Thanks to Grandma, the boys chose sand-filled balloon creatures to bring home.

Super tired that night as we had been out all day! We were due to fly home the next afternoon. Squeezed in a quick trip to Platinum Mall in the morning – I had the best pork trotters rice (for breakfast – hur, hur) and managed to shop a tiny bit. Quite a lot to shop – I felt so deprived coz I hardly got to do any shopping the whole trip. I guess I have to go back again!

It was a good trip. We will be back, Bangkok!