LEGO fun with Brikkon

Hands up, who loves LEGO®? (Me!)

I shared about some of our favourite toys some time back  and LEGO® is one of the toys we always have around because my three boys play with them on a daily basis. I loved LEGO® as a child too so I fully understand the allure 😉

That was why I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to Brikkon by a new local online store Poppies and Rainbows.

A bit of background on Poppies and Rainbows first. The online store was started by a Singaporean mother of two who takes great pride in sourcing delightful finds in childrenswear, nursery décor and playthings from all over the world. Many of the brands were created by mothers themselves, tried and tested by their own children. You can expect to find beautiful products, lovingly handcrafted or manufactured in small, meaningful quantities by awesome brands.

Brikkon are wooden structures which are specially made to be compatible with LEGO®. Its wooden structures are easily put together and there are endless possibilities how LEGO® can be added to it.

I got two sets for the boys – the Castle and the Treehouse. They come neatly packaged and the set-up is simple enough even for my boys. The wood is sturdy and beautifully finished with a light, minimalist feel to it. It is lovely to touch and play with.

Once set up, it was time to bring on the LEGO®!

The Brikkon base provides a good starting point for construction with LEGO® bricks. You do need a bit of dexterity and strength to fit the hollow base of bricks to the Brikkon grooves and maybe a bit of trial and error to find the right bricks that would fit (only LEGO® bricks with hollow undersides would fit).

As you can see, my boys were happily engrossed elaborate structures complete with lookout towers, aerial walkways, staircases, long chains for the LEGO® characters to rappel down the walls of the castle. I didn’t have to direct their play at all and they were at it for a good hour.

Hmph, they did reject my suggestions to decorate the windowsills of the castle with coloured blocks and flowers. Boys!

I really loved the add-ons as well. The  Treehouse set came with a ladder and an itty-bitty swing and the Castle has a cute functional catapult.

I also appreciate the fact that the sets pack flat once dismantled so they hardly take up any space at all.

If you have lots of LEGO® at home (who doesn’t?), Brikkon is a good complementary toy to go with it. I would definitely recommend it for children aged 5 and up.

Here are some of the other Brikkon designs that Poppies and Rainbows carries:

They also have Brikkon for DUPLO bricks for younger children (I may get this for Jo!):

Good news, Poppies and Rainbows is having a 15% storewide discount with the code ‘15%TODAY’ from now till 31 Dec 2017. And just for the Black Friday weekend, there’s a 20% for the ‘Sale’ department and a whopping 30% off orders above SGD200. Do have a browse of the store as it has lots of lovely items like this cool Wildling tee, straw bags and secret fairy doors. Perfect time to stock up for Christmas!