E turns 2!

My little nephew turned two recently and we had a small celebration at home.

It was just going to be a small party but still it was a bit of a mad rush because my sister left pretty much everything to me and we were due to fly out the next day at dawn to Taiwan! I had no choice but to back out of baking the cake (sorry E, next birthday ok) because I didn’t think I would do a good job of it amidst the flurry.

Still we had a good party! Small parties are the way to go, methinks!

My sister couldn’t decide on a theme so erm, there was none. Which actually made the activities quite hard to plan because I have never done a party without a theme! We just rolled with it 😉

Before the party, Jo saw my sis decorating the black board and said he wanted to help. He drew such cute stick people we let him draw the whole thing in the end. He drew the four of them in a house with a steering wheel and many wheels. So cute! (We had to be very careful not to praise him too much – sometimes he doesn’t like the attention and he would go on to destroy whatever he was drawing/creating. Go figure.)

There was a bit of drama before the party. After we blew up the helium balloons (which were specially bought by my BIL including a number 2 balloon), Sean grabbed the whole bunch and tried to help to transfer them to the BBQ pit area but in his excitement, he let go of all the balloons and they flew away!!! Even before the birthday boy could take a picture with it. Sean apologized and made amends by blowing up a new batch of balloons. Sorry, E!

We played Pass the Parcel. My boys would expect nothing less from my parties so I just had to do it even though it was just the four of them 😉  Then, Pin the Tail on the Tiger. Young children like this very much for some reason and it was really easy to play with a small group! Ryan was very proud to ‘win’ this game.  Next up, a spoon relay (with baby potatoes). The boys were supposed to pair up for the relay but E was not being very cooperative. Ah well, they still had fun. Then we sang the birthday song for E and he blew out his two candles.

E’s cousin baked a lovely strawberry shortcake for him. The cake was simple and beautiful (I contributed the mini bunting), just what my sis had in mind. Must say the cake was really yummy – I must get her frosting recipe! Tummies filled, it was time for Treasure Hunt. Good fun for the kids!

Finally we had the piñata filled with candies galore. I didn’t make it – someone passed it to me. It’s super ugly but my sis said she didn’t mind using it for the party. (See what I mean by she left everything to me, haha!)

Happy 2nd birthday, E! Big year for you ahead – being a big brother and going to school! May you grow up to be a strong and confident boy with a good heart. Dayi loves you!

PS. How little did he look on his first birthday!

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