Edusave Good Progress award for Sean

It is said that parents have a close bond with their firstborns – I think it’s because every experience they go through is so new to us as well.

We received a nice surprise in December – Sean was awarded an Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement for coming in the top 25% in his cohort and an Edusave Good Progress Award for being the 10% in his cohort for improvement in academic achievement and good behavior.

He worked hard last year – I pushed him a fair bit, especially for his final year exams – so I thought it was a well-deserved award. I didn’t think he did THAT well (in fact there were many others in his class who did much better) but still, it is a very nice feather to add to Sean’s cap! 🙂The award presentation ceremony was held at our neighbourhood CC last weekend. There were about 120 schoolchildren from many primary and secondary schools (Sean was the only one from his school) and a noticeable feeling of pride in the air.

When Sean’s turn came, we accompanied him up to stage to shake hands with MP Mr Chong Kee Hiong (whose four sons are coincidentally from the same school as Sean) and  quickly snapped a family photo. I was quite impressed by how quickly all the awards were handed out – all done in 1 hour!

Ryan and Jo were super excited to see Sean receive the award. Now they are all motivated to work hard in school 😉 The prize was a generous $100 cheque in Sean’s name. The boys were exhilarated – we brought them to Popular the next day where Sean bought comics for himself and yoyos for his brothers and decided to save the rest.

Well done, Sean. May you continue to persevere and work hard to achieve great things in life!