Jojo Potato turns 4!

Jordan turned 4 on 30 Jan 2018.

He is at this really cute age where he is completely clueless about dates so he has been asking me when his birthday is for the past few months! He was really happy when we finally told him it was January his birthday month!

For his birthday celebrations in school, I made necklaces for the girls and catapult kits for the boys in advance. (Did the same for Ryan’s birthday as we would be celebrating a week later)

The night before his birthday, I baked a cake and frosted it. I initially wanted to make a simple pandan chiffon cake but no, both Ryan and Jo said they wanted me to make them big fancy cakes like their friends. Argh, they were less demanding when they were younger.

My first attempt making an icecream drip cake – I am a bit rusty coz I haven’t been baking at all but the lemon cake turned out alright. It was the icecream drip part that stressed me out – the cone started getting soggy and started to unravel after a night in the fridge and the sprinkles melted into the buttercream leaving a gooey mess. Very stressful. Fixed it as best as I could in the morning and kept my fingers crossed that the cake would hold up till we got to school.We blew up some balloons and woke the birthday boy up for school. He was super grumpy that morning. That’s what happens when you stay up late trying to bake your child a decent birthday cake – your child’s sleep gets messed up!

It was our first time in Jo’s new N2 class. His teachers are warm and lovely – he has the same form teacher as last year (she used to teach Ryan in N1 too) and his other teacher used to teach Sean in N2!

The children gathered to sing the birthday song and Jo blew out his candles. Later, he handed out the goodie bags to his little friends. Happy to know the children liked the cake! Kids were so cute and the teachers made them sing a song for us and wave us goodbye.

Jo still can’t really tell me his friend’s names or tell me what happens in school so it was really nice seeing him in class with his little friends.We saved a big slice of cake so we could sing the birthday song with Sean when he got back from school.

Jo was most excited about his one and only gift from us. We got him a Tegu set – the boys were playing and fighting over it all day so I think it’s a good toy!

Happy 4th birthday, my little sweetheart! We love you!

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