A Paw Patrol birthday party for Ryan and Jo

On Feb 3, we held a joint birthday celebration for Ryan and Jo who share birthdays that are six days apart.

They chose a Paw Patrol theme – I kept the theming quite light as I didn’t want to spend too much money buying tacky party favours that would be thrown away after the party. Anyway, half of our guests are Sean’s age so I didn’t think they would care much for the theme!Jo wanted to help me with the birthday chalkboard this year. I thought he did a very good job.

We actually blew two big bunches of helium balloons but the wind was so strong that day the chalkboard fell and broke and all our balloons flew away. Sigh. The saving grace was, the weather was really good that day. (I was quite worried because the weather forecast was heavy rain!!!)

We didn’t do a barbecue so my mum and my helper spent all day prepared all the food for the party – we had the usual fried beehoon, deviled eggs, salad, fish/sotong balls and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Foops grilled satay and chicken wings during the party.We had quite a small group of children this time round. First game to warm them up: Pin the badge on Marshall. Everyone gave it a go an Easy peasy game! We played Pass the Parcel next with silly forfeits like ‘Bark like a dog,’ ‘Lick someone’, ‘Name the Paw Patrol dogs’, ‘Do a silly dog dance’ and ‘Give the birthday boys hugs’.

The children are a bit more self-conscious but they are usually quite sporting anyway. I foresee some of the older children will not want to play this game soon!Next we played a simple dartboard game just for the fun of it. (Foops’ idea coz he just bought it from Decathlon so I just went with it)

We also tried out a funny game a la A Minute To Win It: Suck It Up. The children just had to suck up as many Smarties as they could with a straw. Quite chaotic but the children enjoyed it. If we had to play it again we would probably use individual plates coz… saliva. Gross.

Throughout the entire party, the children would randomly come up to me to ask me the Treasure Hunt was. Even when we were playing other games. They were so happy when I declared it was Treasure Hunt time – they went to grab their own goodie bags (so well-trained by my past parties) and waited patiently for us to flag them off. CHIONG AHHHHH!

So cute to see the children run around looking for treasure. I was really time-strapped this year so I just got a lot of snacks and a drink (10 different types!) so they could hunt to their little hearts’ content.Happy kids showing off their snacks loot! For the birthday cakes this year, I ordered an awesome Paw Patrol jelly cake (from Aunty Yochana Jelly Cake on FB). So much work had gone into each jelly cake – I was more than happy to fork out money to pay for it! I also ordered Paw Patrol-themed Nutella blossoms (steamed cupcakes) from Sucre Delices. It was a bit too much cake for our party 😉We gathered and sang the birthday song. Happy birthday boys!

Last but not least, it was piñata time! I wasn’t too keen to make a Paw Patrol badge or bone so I made a watermelon-shaped piñata. Easy to make and so cheery and cute! Have to say it held up pretty well against the violent children. Took many, many rounds to bash it open!Check out the crazy kids scrambling for sweets! Don’t eat too much and remember to brush your teeth!

For the goodie bags, I gave out cute socks (from Taiwan), a story book/notebook, necklaces for the girls and small toys for the boys. Hope everyone had fun 🙂

We didn’t manage to play this game at the party as it was too windy so I made the boys play it at home just for laughs.

Dear Jojo, you are four! I am so happy I am still your favourite person. You like to be very manja with me and cuddle up to me (you still like to pretend you are my baby) and follow me everywhere I go. You can speak a bit of Chinese and you sometimes like singing Chinese songs together with Ryan. You can write your ABCs and 123s though you still flip them around sometimes. You like cutting and pasting things, signing them off ‘Love, JOJO’ and giving them to me. The three of you play together a lot and also fight a lot. You are very feisty and will not hesitate to punch your brothers when they make you angry – erm, we have to work on that. Everyday, I am still trying to figure you out but so far I can tell your mind works in a very smart way and you are the life of the party. I don’t know if it is because you are the youngest but I am extremely fond of you (and you know it)!

Dear Ryan, you are six! Ah I could write a book about you. At six, you are sharp as a tack and opinionated as ever. You love taekwondo, soccer not so much (coz you don’t like getting muddy). You have a very firm idea about everything, right down to the clothes you wear everyday (right now, you are obsessed with Uniqlo Heattech shirts and tights so that’s all you wear). You can easily out-talk your brothers and even us sometimes! You are slowly learning to read now – I really hope you will love reading like Sean. I am still anxiously waiting for that magic light bulb to go off in your head 😉 You are very good about practicing the piano though you still get very stressed over it sometimes. You have a penchant for collecting things. You even have a ‘time capsule’ of all your favourite things. You tell me you like ‘shiny things’ and you really want a shiny diamond. You are a magpie who goes everywhere looking for ‘treasure’ (which could be random plastic bits or half a button). You really keep us on our toes but we will have you no other way. We love you!

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