Ryan is 6!

A week after Jo turned 4, Ryan turned six on 5 Feb 2018.

As it is his last year in kindergarten, I tried my best to make his birthday a memorable one. Ryan being Ryan has a lot of expectations of his birthday. He chose what design he wanted on the cake, he reminded me to prepare a gift for him and told me he wanted to go to a trampoline park as a treat (we let the kids choose one ‘special’ place to go to for their birthdays).He was a bit shy about wearing his own clothes to school – he said he wanted to be in school uniform (okay I would feel the same way as a child too) – but I told him it was his special day so he should bask in it! Finally he agreed. Snapped some pics with his balloons before we sent them to school.Ryan was very sure he wanted a Pokeball cake. I started on the cake really late and was frosting it till 2.30am!!! Pikachu’s face was really hard to get right – I must have re-did his face at least 10 times. Turned out ok in the end – it did look homemade and the red Pokeball part could be redder. Sometimes I wonder why I like to torture myself – why don’t I just fork out the money to buy a cake?!! My kids wouldn’t care! A mother’s love knows no bounds, haha.Very cute to see Ryan with his teachers and friends – I still remember celebrating his first birthday in kindergarten and he has grown so much! The cake was yummy and Ryan went to share some with his previous teachers as well. It was quite rushed affair and I felt like we were disrupting the children’s day so we didn’t stay around for long. Hope Ryan had a good time!

We got Ryan a Scrabble set – which Sean and I have been enjoying a lot, haha. Ok I am sure he would enjoy the trampoline park treat.

Happy 6th birthday to my sweet and funny Ryan! We love you!

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