Ryan graduates from kindergarten (sobs)

Ah, my little Ryan is graduating from kindergarten!

Graduation is such a bittersweet rite of passage – he has grown from a cherubic 3 year old to a smart, chatty and lanky almost 7-year-old!

Here he is on the morning of the big day! (His teachers and I have been a bit worried because he just broke his arm back in August and we weren’t even sure if he would be able to perform for the concert! Thankfully, he could!)

Ryan being Ryan, has told me everything about the concert. From the songs he would be singing to his role in his play to his costume and makeup and how nervous he was about the whole thing 🙂

Here are the opening songs by the K2 children (this is also the point I start bawling in the audience):

His class, Respect, performed a meaningful skit about everyday heroes amongst us. Ryan is a bus driver, and the best bus-driver at that! 🙂

And finally the closing songs (it is quite a long wait to get to this point):

I loved that all the teachers came on stage at the very end and they prayed for the children’s journey ahead. I hope that the children will always have fond memories of their time in kindergarten and know how loved they are by their teachers!

Congratulations to my little graduate Ryan! May you go on to have wonderful adventures in primary school! We love you always.