Trial class with White Canvas Studio

Ooh there are so many new art schools popping up in our neighbourhood!

I signed the boys up for a 1-for-1 trial (for $35) with White Canvas Studio which just opened in the Sin Min area last year. 

They had a great time drawing and painting and came home beaming with these pieces. Wow I am impressed!

I did not go down with them but the hubs said it was quite a nice set-up and the teachers were very forthcoming and dedicated. After the class, they provided valuable feedback on how the boys did in class: Sean is very creative and full of ideas. Ryan copies and idolizes everything that Sean does and doesn’t have much self-confidence (that’s very true!) – my take from this is to expose him to more activities on his own without Sean around. He did a remarkable job painting – the details and the colours! I am definitely framing it up for Chinese New Year. As for Jo who is very new to art class settings, he has considerable good dexterity and drawing skills for an almost-five-year-old. Such spot-on observations of the boys! None of it is new to me (Mama knows best) but sometimes it’s refreshing to hear how others perceive them for a change!

Alas, we are not planning to sign the boys up for regular classes (I know Jo for one would love lessons!). Our schedules are packed enough as it is. But we may go back for holiday classes!

White Canvas Studio is offering an irresistable 1-for-1 trial ($35) till 28 Feb 2019. You can msg them on Facebook to book a slot. If you have one child, ask them if you can pay half price for the class.

White Canvas Studio

229A Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 574361

Tel: 6560 5021