Bangkok Day 5: Bangkok Kidzania and Rod Fai Ratchada

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Bangkok Day 6, 7: Imaginarium Playland and Neon Talad night market

Day 5: As both my mum and sister were in Bangkok as well, we split up for the day – hubs and I brought the older boys to Kidzania Bangkok for the day while Jo followed my my mum and Pris.

(Kidzania tip no. 1: Kidzania was more suitable for children aged 4 and above. There is a toddler play area but it’s tiny and I can’t imagine Jo waiting in there the entire day whilst his brothers are doing jobs. It is actually our first visit to Kidzania – I am not brave enough to face the crowds in Singapore yet. It is situated in Siam Paragon and it opens from 10am-5pm on weekdays so it is very convenient.

(Kidzania tip no. 2: The fees are charged per entrance so once you enter the place, you cannot come out anymore so make sure you have everything – water, wet wipes, snacks, entertainment, etc – with you!)It was quite empty when we first entered at its opening hour of 10am on a weekday. The boys were very happy to head straight for the bank to collect their Kidzos ‘allowance’.First job of the day: police officers. We couldn’t go in with them but can peer in the window to look at them. They donned police vests and received a briefing. Then they went round the various places looking for a suspect. Finally found him in the fire department. Job done! (I followed them for a bit when they were making their rounds and the Thai staff could communicate in basic English just for them.)

(Kidzania tip no. 3: Kidzania does not really follow a set timing for the jobs. They will usually start once they have enough children. I think I only noticed there was a timing for pilots/air stewardess which were the more popular job choices.)Next job: vet. The children listened to a briefing on how to take care of animals, posed for pics and fed the fish (haha).

(Kidzania tip no. 4: Kidzania is big on taking pictures of your child in action. They have dedicated photographers at most of the stations and will spend a fair amount of time on getting the children to pose nicely for pics. The children will get a piece of paper with a code which you can later scan at the front counter and decide whether to purchase the pictures or not. Hubs did not let me buy the pics, hmph.)Third job: air stewards. This was super cute even though I couldn’t see them in person (I snapped the pics from the CCTV screen). They were dressed in Air Asia black uniforms and pushing the trolley to serve the guests. Gah, can’t stand the cuteness!Next up, soccer player. This was the only ‘job’ Sean wanted to try. I had to gently encourage him to try others before doing this.

The children just split into two teams and played soccer. Sean loved it. Ryan, on the other hand, ran away from the ball every time it came towards him. HAHA! Sean had so much fun (he was completely drenched with sweat after the game) and wanted to go again. I had to drag them both off for lunch.Lunch was at MacDonalds. Children have to ‘pay’ to work here but they do get to eat a proper lunch. The children learnt how to make their own burger. The boys didn’t want any pickles or veg or mayo in their burger so theirs were the easiest burger to make.

(Kidzania tip no. 6: Good idea to let the children work at MacDonalds around lunch time so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I can’t really remember if there were other places doing the same.

Kidzania tip no. 7: There aren’t many good food options for adults inside Kidzania. I would suggest you tapau your own food/snacks and drinks.)I really wanted the boys to try out the jobs where they get to ride in a rescue vehicle but they were very popular.

Finally I managed to get them jobs as paramedics. The children wore cute little paramedic tops, learned how to work with the medical equipment and then off they went on the ambulance!

They quickly got off to help someone who had fainted outside the police station. I found the interactions between the different occupations very amusing. How professional do the children look? 🙂Next up: tomato farmers. I thought the uniforms were the cutest in the whole of Kidzania! The children plucked tomatoes and packed them into wooden crates. Then they were told to deliver the tomatoes to the tomato factory. They did a good job navigating their way though I think they lost one or two tomatoes along the way though, haha.

(Kidzania tip no. 5: Delivery jobs are super fun for the children because they get to push carts and move around the place.)The boys have worked hard all day. Time for a cotton candy break!After that, yet another delivery job as courier boys. This is quite cute coz they are given maps and told to drop off packages at 3 different locations. I thought the maps could be clearer so the children could read them on their own. We had to help them with the navigation, else they would never finish their jobs!

Finally, we managed to get a slot at the ever popular firemen station. The children sat through a safety briefing and then boarded the fire engine complete with sirens blaring to put a burning building out of fire. Bravo, boys!

Construction workers up next. The boys laid some bricks and later hoisted a bucket using an actual crane. Very cool!

Last job for the day: petrol attendants. Which kid doesn’t like to pump petrol?! Not my kids. It was almost closing time and the boys were quite restless by this time and not really doing their jobs properly!

The boys complete 13 jobs in a day (!!!) and hardly had to queue for any of them. We brought them to the Kidzania shop where they could spend their hard-earned Kidzos.

Ryan was the sweetest. He actually deliberated at the counter for very long and bought me a hairclip! Aiyo, I made him return it and buy something for himself (it was also because it was something I would never wear). In the end, they bought lanyards for their bottles. Actually the selection wasn’t great and there was not very much they could buy with their Kidzos!

Just before we left, Foops found a secret agent job near the entrance. You have to pay to play – it’s a high-tech obstacle of sorts, eg. you have to make sure you don’t touch any of the laser lights. The boys loved it and actually went 3 times back to back!

Highly productive day at Kidzania, I have to say.  

Then we walked over to meet my mother and sisters at Ping’s Hotpot at Princess Pathumwan Hotel again. Just had to share the goodness with them. I was happy to know that Jo had a great day out shopping at Platinum Mall 😉

After dinner, we brought the boys back to the hotel and got them ready for dinner. Then Foops put them to bed while I went out with my mum and sisters to Rod Fai Ratchada Night Market. It is located directly behind Cultural Centre MRT Underground Station (or you can just take a cab there).

We had a nice walkaround in the bustling night market. We bought leather flats, cute socks, distressed tshirts for the boys and fried calamari that was super yums. So nice not to have grumpy children in tow, haha! A good night out.

Bangkok Day 4: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World (Siam Paragon) and MBK

Bangkok Day 1: Patumwan House and Siam Paragon

Bangkok Day 2: Chatuchak and MBK

Bangkok Day 3: Bangkok Safari World, Marine Park and Asiatique

Bangkok Day 4: This post

Bangkok Day 5: Bangkok Kidzania and Rod Fai Ratchada night market

Bangkok Day 6, 7: Imaginarium Playland and Neon Talad night market

Day 4 in Bangkok. We headed out bright and early in search of breakfast. No chance of sleeping in when you are traveling with kids. Because we were a bit more familiar with the area now, we walked all the way to Siam Square. The streets were deserted at 8am as you can see! We had breakfast at A&W because there were no other choices. Kids were more than happy to have burgers for breakfast. Then we hung around Starbucks waiting for Siam Paragon to open their doors at 10am.The  Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World at Siam Paragon was a pleasure to visit. It is convenient, air-conditioned and very well-maintained. I recommend it to everyone with kids! (Tip: Do get discounted tickets on KLOOK at least a day before your visit!)

We had fun peering at the glass tanks looking at the sea creatures – sea worms, jellyfish, sharks, penguins. The ocean is such a fascinating place! After lunch, we had lunch at Taling Pling at the ground floor of Siam Paragon. The local Thai dishes were amazing! Definitely one of my favourite meals there. Then we headed back to hotel for the boys to nap in the afternoon. While I napped with the boys, Foops went to fetch my mum from the airport.

Come evening, we walked over to MBK for steamboat dinner. It was cheap and quite forgettable so I didn’t even bother to take pics. Since my mum could watch the boys, she helped to put them to sleep while Foops and I snuck out for desserts at After You (Siam Square One). This dessert place came highly recommended – we shared a banana crumble (still too stuffed from dinner) and boy it was worth the calories!

Then we went for an hour long massage (zzz) before heading back to the hotel at 1am. So late!

Bangkok Day 3: Safari World, Marine Park and Asiatique

Bangkok Day 1: Patumwan House and Siam Paragon

Bangkok Day 2: Chatuchak and MBK

Bangkok Day 3: This post

Bangkok Day 4: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World and MBK

Bangkok Day 5: Bangkok Kidzania and Rod Fai Ratchada night market

Bangkok Day 6, 7: Imaginarium Playland and Neon Talad night market

Day 3 in Bangkok: I read about this old-school breakfast place in Chinatown so we took a cab there.On Lok Yun (72 Charoen Krung Road, opens daily: 6am – 4pm) was bustling with locals when we arrived. It looked like an old coffee shop from my childhood – rusty Milo tins in the shop display cabinets, rickety chairs and nobody giving two hoots about us, haha.

We ordered the breakfast set (ham, bacon, hot dogs, sunny-side up), bread with egg custard or ‘kaya’ (they came cut up in cubes for dipping), half-boiled eggs and tea/coffee. Very simple and satisfying meal. Cheap too!After breakfast, we took a cab to Safari World at the outskirts of the city.

The concept is quite interesting – it is ‘drive-through’ through a zoo. Good for people who do not want to walk long distances in the heat, I guess. We could see lots of animals – giraffes, zebras, bears, etc. But urgh, our cab driver just sped through the whole thing even though we kept asking him to slow down so the kids could see the animals properly. I think we were done in less than 10 minutes?!

We felt quite ripped off as the entrance tickets were quite pricey and we were even talked into buying combo tickets for the neighbouring Marine Park. Think we paid about SGD250 for our family of 5. Sigh, not a good experience at all. Anyway, we dropped off at Marine Park. Was expecting to see sea creatures but it was actually more like a normal zoo. It was a super hot day and we were all melting in the heat.

We were just in time for the chimpanzee shows. It was quite silly and the boys enjoyed it. Though on hindsight, I did think the performance was quite tasteless and degrading for the chimpanzees 🙁Next, we caught the sealions show which was quite good. It was lunch time and we had a quick survey of the place hoping to find an air-conditioned restaurant in the park (coz the heat was really unbearable) but there was none!

We decided to cut our zoo trip short and just take a cab back to the city. We sound so spoilt but we were really hot and miserable in the heat!

We had lunch at the food court of Siam Paragon. After a whole morning in the sun, the aircon felt so good! Then we walked back to our hotel to rest – as you can see, Jo fell asleep on our way back!

Come evening, we decided to check out Asiatique.  We took a train to Saphan Taksin BTS and then boarded a 10-minute river shuttle which would bring us to Asiatique.Asiatique is a riverfront night market (with over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants) housed in a huge replica warehouse complex. Quite an interesting place, lots to see – reminded me a bit of Clarke Quay or Robertson Quay.

After walking around for a bit, we decided to eat at a place called Plates which had very nice vintage decor (they had lots of melamine plates/mugs as decor). We ordered the usual Thai dishes. Foops declared the tomyum soup which was quite thick and tomato-ey was one of the best he had ever tried.

We had a nice walk around the place. It is a bit warm but there are a few airconditioned places to duck into. Lots of small shops/stalls to see. Probably pricier and classier than your average Chatuchak stall. Didn’t really buy anything but the boys had cute icecream and enjoyed interacting with a street busker who looked like a bronze statue.

There’s also a small funfair and ferris wheel but it was quite pricey and the boys were not too keen so we didn’t check it out.

Not too bad for a night out. Cabbed it back to our hotel coz it was quite late and we didn’t want to take the long way back by boat!

SRT’s The Little Company presents Chicken Little

Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company is delighted to present their latest offering in children’s theatre with their latest production, Chicken Little

Coming hot on the heels of the tremendous success of Red Riding Hood, SRT is thrilled to be working with one of London’s hottest new musical theatre teams – Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary.

Combined with the exceptional talents of director Kate Golledge, this is a show where magic happens not only for the audience but for all those working behind the scenes as well. This musical was selected to be presented in a showcase for new musicals in the making at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Other Palace last month, testament to the great work this team is creating.

Suitable for kids aged 3 and above, Chicken Little is a delightfully chirpy musical adventure with toe-tapping songs about a plucky chicken who goes on the adventure of a lifetime.

Chicken Little overcomes her insecurities and embarks on a brave quest to save her fellow farmyard animals. She meets a whole host of quirky, vibrant much-loved characters, including Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles and the brave Turkey Lurkey. 
But with the fearsome Foxy Loxy on the loose, can they make it to the King alive?

Won’t spoil the surprise but it’s a very entertaining show. Children will be able to identify with Chicken Little as she summons her courage to do things she normally wouldn’t to do.

I also love that the show portrayed Ducky Daddles as a one-legged duck to show the children that we are never limited by our circumstances.

Once again, I was very impressed by the actors switching between their multiple roles seamlessly (with even some cross-dressing, haha) and playing them masterfully. I thought Natalie Yeap was brilliant as Foxy Loxy!

Here’s a trailer of the show if you are interested:

Charlotte Nors, SRT’s Managing Director said, “The Little Company has been inspiring, entertaining and engaging kids and their families for 15 years now, building a strong tradition for family theatre not just for SRT but more importantly for Singapore and the wider entertainment industry. Chicken Little is a fitting way to celebrate this significant anniversary; the 450,000 kids delighted by the productions; and the careers and talents that have been launched whilst making children’s theatre a mainstay of Singaporean family life.”

Good fun for the whole family. My boys really enjoyed the show and are still talking about the silly antics of the characters. Do go watch it before it ends!

DATES: Weekdays 10am and weekends 11am and 2pm from 25th October to 8th December 2017

PRICES: From $25, excluding SISTIC fee. Group discounts/Family Packages available.

VENUE: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT, 20 Merbau Road

TICKETING:  SISTIC at 6348 5555

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and as always, the pleasure was all ours!

Bangkok Day 2: Chatuchak and MBK

Bangkok Day 1: Patumwan House and Siam Paragon

Bangkok Day 2: This post

Bangkok Day 3: Bangkok Safari World, Marine Park and Asiatique

Bangkok Day 4: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World and MBK

Bangkok Day 5: Bangkok Kidzania and Rod Fai Ratchada night market

Bangkok Day 6, 7: Imaginarium Playland and Neon Talad night market

Day 2 in Bangkok, our first morning there. Kids were up at the crack of dawn since Thailand is one hour behind. Yawn! We washed up and headed out in the search of breakfast.

We weren’t quite sure where to go – nothing seemed to be open and even Macs at MBK was closed. Kids got a bit whiny and cranky from walking on empty stomachs. Thankfully we finally found Casa Lapin at Sukhumvit Soi! Never happier to order pricey pancakes and coffee 🙂Bellies full, we took a cab to Chatuchak (open on weekends only) as it was one of the places I really wanted to visit again in Bangkok.

It was quite a hot morning. Chanced upon coconut icecream at the entrance so we all tried some. So refreshingly good! Chatuchak is jam-packed with small shops selling everything from tshirts, bags to jewellery to plants and handmade soaps. I am past the age of buying knick-knacks and it was hard to browse leisurely with three restless boys but we still had a good look-see of the place. We covered only a teeny fraction of the entire market in the few hours we were there!We hardly bought anything but we did get some t-shirts for the boys coz Sean was very amused by the witty slogans.

For lunch, we managed to find the ‘famous’ wanton mee in Section 2 Soi 40 after walking in circles for a bit (I followed instructions here). Topped with yummy fried garlic bits, the noodles were springy and fragrant. Portions were small, like everything else in Bangkok!It was quite hot by noon time and kids were getting a bit sweaty and cranky.

We ducked into a small shop selling leather products. The boys (Papa included) chose leather wallets as well as metal studs to personalise them.

We came across an airconditioned massage place (with free Wifi!). We got to sit down and take a break, kids got plied with snacks and we all got a foot massage for less than SGD20!

I let the boys pick out one toy (they chose Pokemon imitation-Lego) and then we were out of Chatuchak! We went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.
Come evening, we ventured out to nearby Princess Pathumwan Hotel next to MBK. We had a wonderfully decadent dinner at Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant (which came highly recommended by Growing with The Tans). The sharks’ fin soup was delicious – I wouldn’t have ordered it but the husband said we should try it as it was one of their specialties. Kids lapped it all up with their rice. I really liked the fried prawns and fish maw too! Hands down, one of our best meals in Bangkok!
Took a slow walk around MBK, bought some snacks and then we called it a night.

Bangkok Day 1: Patumwan House and Siam Paragon

During the March hols this year, we spent a happy week in the Land of Smiles. Been wanting to visit Bangkok for the longest time – I haven’t been there since the kids came along! – and when I saw the cheap budget air tickets, I quickly snapped them up.

We took an afternoon flight which was rather uneventful. It is getting so much easier travelling with kids. For this trip, we didn’t even bring a stroller, milk powder or diapers!

We didn’t secure our accomodation till the very last minute and I ended up booking a super cheap hotel called Patumwan House near MBK. It was really back to basics haha but it was relatively clean and the location was great!

We were all starving by the time we landed in the late afternoon. First order of the day: Beef noodles at Nuer Koo at Siam Paragon. It was about 4pm (5pm Singapore time) by the time we had our ‘lunch’! Jo didn’t nap on the plane so he was a bit cranky that day and slept through our quick meal. The beef noodles were soft and yummy and maybe a tad salty.

We walked around a bit, snacked on Auntie Anne’s pretzels (which became a daily ritual for the rest of our trip coz so cheap!) and let the boys loose at the toys department of Siam Paragon.  Took an leisurely walk back to our hotel cutting through Siam Square – so many nice shops along the way as well as a small night market. Ah that’s Bangkok for you!

Since it had a been a rather long day for the boys, we decided to call it an early night.

If you are keen on our itinerary, here are the links:

Bangkok Day 1: Patumwan House and Siam Paragon

Bangkok Day 2: Chatuchak and MBK

Bangkok Day 3: This post

Bangkok Day 4: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World and MBK

Bangkok Day 5: Bangkok Kidzania and Rod Fai Ratchada night market

Bangkok Day 6, 7: Imaginarium Playland and Neon Talad night market

Creative fun at Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017

Last weekend, we attended a fun interactive workshop which was part of Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017, an enrichment program  organised by Caltex Singapore and Singapore Science Centre.

Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017 is an enrichment program that aims to spark curiosity in coding and tinkering through free interactive workshops that bring theoretical knowledge to life through fun art and design applications.

The program features free interactive workshops that aim to inspire students’ passion for innovation and encourage creative thinking, while breaking perceptions of traditional gender stereotypes associated with the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Integrating arts and design with traditional STEM subjects, the following projects avaialble at the workshops were specially curated by the Science Centre mentors for their simplicity, relevance to real-world applications, and gender neutrality:

  • Sewing with Electronics – Introducing students to the emerging field of e-textiles, and the broader industries of wearables, architecture, and smart homes.
  • Programming with Arduino – Introducing students to the world of coding, robotics and electronics through coding projects.
  • Music with Makey-Makey – Introducing students to coding and electronics through the creation of music with real world objects.
  • Creating with Paper Circuits – Introducing students to electronics through craft projects that adds light to their paper creations.

We tried out the Creating with Paper Circuits workshop where we made simple electrical circuits using LED lights, copper tape and batteries.

The children were introduced to the basic concepts of electrical circuits – they learnt what materials make good conductors and that the circuits need to be closed for electricity to pass through.

Look at their happy faces when they figured out how to light their LED lights!

Once they figured out the basic concepts, they quickly moved on to making torchlights and lighted paper flowers using the provided craft materials. I was very impressed!

At the session, we also got to try out a Makey Makey flower piano:

Such an enriching session – my boys were so inspired they continued to build circuits at home all weekend!

Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017 is open to the public on the weekend of 14 and 15 October 2017. Simply present your Plus! Card and Caltex fuel receipt at the Science Centre to enjoy 20% discount on admission fees from 8 Sep to 31 Dec 2017.

Flash giveaway

Good news – I have a set of Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017 goodies to 1 lucky winner. The set will include:

  • 2 sets of goodie bags (consisting of notebooks, paper circuit bookmarks, VR headsets)
  • 4 tickets to Science Centre Singapore

To participate, all you have to do is:

1) Visit both the Olimomok and Science Centre Facebook pages. (It will be good if you could ‘like’ the pages as well).

Optional entries:

2) Leave me a blog post comment telling me which Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017 workshop you would like to go for. Don’t forget to leave your name and email.

3) ‘Like’ my Facebook post on Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017, tag 3 friends and leave me a comment telling me who you would bring to the show if you win the tickets.

4) Add me (‘Olimomok’) on Instagram.

Then complete the steps in the following Caltex Fuel Your School raffle by 10 Oct 2017 (Tuesday) end of day (Singapore time). This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.

Do check out Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017 on the weekend of 14 and 15 October 2017 for tinkering fun and learning! Hope to see you there!

Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of my favourite Chinese festivals mainly coz it’s so low-key and simple.

Finally tried my hand at making snowskin mooncakes for the first time this year (with natural colouring from blue pea flowers). I made Oreo and cheese flavoured mooncakes and my mum made lotus paste ones. It is very easy and now I wonder what took me so long to learn! My mum made those in the pictures – the designs are so beautiful! Mine turned out quite ugly so I didn’t bother to take pictures of them.

So glad the rain finally cleared for a bit at night so we could go out toting lanterns. The full moon went into hiding behind the clouds but that did not deter us one bit. I didn’t bother buying cellophane lanterns this year coz we had lots of paper ones lying around and I knew my boys would toss them aside within 5 minutes!

Loved the awe on their faces, especially little Joey, when their lanterns got lit in the dark. Ryan’s lantern caught fire early on and they thought it was hilarious. And sure enough they tossed their lanterns to us within 5 minutes 😉

Then it was sparklers time! We haven’t played it in a while and the boys loved it. Check out Ryan’s sparkler dance!

We also played ‘Pop-pop’. They are mini firecracker things which you toss on the ground for a loud ‘pop’ sound. I loved playing with them as a child and was so happy to see them in Malacca so I brought some back for the boys to play (not sure if it is legal or not haha). They finished 4 boxes in no time 😉

Hope you had a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites by ACT 3 International

Who’s a fan of the Hungry Caterpillar? (Me!)

We are delighted to hear that ACT 3 International will be presenting The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Canada.

This magical work of black light theatre brings together the beloved tales of award-winning
children’s book illustrator and writer Eric Carle – The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Little Cloud
and The Mixed Up Chameleon – and is suitable for 3 to 6 year olds. It will be staged at
Victoria Theatre from 6 to 15 October 2017.

Three meaningful stories will be presented:

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar follows the adventures of a tiny and hungry caterpillar and its eventual metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly – what does it chomp along the way?
  • Little Cloud is a charming little tale of how it decides to stray away from his fellow mates to go on an adventure that finds him morphing into various objects such as a sheep, clown and even a shark!
  • And finally, in The Mixed Up Chameleon, toddlers will be able to associate colours and meanings to objects through the reptile who eventually embraces his uniqueness after an identity crisis happens. Mermaid Theatre’s version mirrors the book’s stunning illustrations drawn in thick, brilliant brushstrokes of blues, greens and reds.

This timeless production is the perfect platform to introduce drama to children as it is a
captivating showcase of stunning visual effects, innovative shadow puppetry, and vibrant
music. Within a short span of one hour, little ones will be also be enriched by knowledge of
science, the arts and even morality – all inspired by the themes highlighted in the storybook.
This triple bill will enthral the young with its magical transformation of well-loved tales into a
larger-than-life piece of theatre.

Elaborates Ms Ruby-Lim Yang, Artistic Director of ACT 3 International: “Eric Carle’s art and narrative are so pure and elegant. Nothing should hold us back from making this the first theatre experience for very young children!”

Show information
Dates and times:
6 October (Friday, Children’s Day) 10.30am*, 2.30pm*
7 October (Saturday) 10.30am*, 2.30pm
8 October (Sunday) 10.30am*, 2.30pm
9 October (Monday) 10am
10 October (Tuesday) 10am
11 October (Wednesday) 10am
13 October (Friday) 10am
14 October (Saturday) 10.30am*, 2.30pm
15 October (Sunday) 10.30am*, 2.30pm
*Available for Backstage Tour, 40 minutes after show, for a maximum of 30 persons

Duration: 1 hour, no interval

Venue: Victoria Theatre, 9 Empress Place, Singapore 179556

Ticket prices:
Category 1 – Weekdays S$28 for child or adult; Weekends S$48 for child or adult (*S$63 for child or adult with backstage tour)

Category 2 – Weekdays S$25 for child or adult; Weekends S$38 for child or adult (*$53 for child or adult with backstage tour)

Category 3 – Weekdays S$18 for child or adult; Weekends S$25 for child or adult (*$40 for child or adult with backstage tour)

You can book your tickets on SISTIC. All prices exclude SISTIC and handling fees. Terms and conditions apply.

Discounts (from 28 June 2017)
Weekend Category 1: $160 – Family Pack for 4 tickets to the same show, same time
Weekend Category 2: $129 – Family pack for 4 tickets to the same show, same time
Weekend Category 3: $85 – Family Pack for 4 tickets to the same show, same time

15% for current ACT 3 Drama Academy students. Call ACT 3 International or in person at ACT 3 Drama Academy


The show was sublime today – we thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the elegant storytelling, stunning visuals and vibrant music. It was probably my favourite theatre show by far!

If you are going, be sure to stay till the Q&A at the end where the puppeteers come out to answer questions from the audience. I was so tickled by how the ‘tongue machine’ worked!

Please go watch it – promise you will love it!

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets to the show. No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are my own. The pleasure was all ours!  

The Artground, A Curious Place To Be

I am always on the lookout for children-friendly places that are fun, not too crowded and do not cost too much (because it adds up quickly with three kids!). Trust me when I say there are not many places in Singapore that fit the bill!

We received an invite from a secondary school friend of mine, Luanne (whose title is the Chief Worm, haha), to check out The Artground which recently opened at Goodman Arts Centre.

Essentially an open play space for children aged 12 and under, The Artground aims to provide positive arts experiences across a variety of art forms.

Throughout the year, there will be interactive art installations which provide non-directive play opportunities for children to discover and practice their motor skills. And the best part, entry to The Artground is completely FREE!

Upon arrival, my gleeful boys plunged themselves headlong into the engaging  playscape.

Created by local artist Poh Ya See, Down The Rabbit Hole is the current interactive visual arts exhibition that invites you to hop, skip, climb and crawl to explore the world of animals that live underground. Meet some unexpected furry friends, amazing insects and tiny little creatures that call the area under our feet home as you make your way through the installation.

The children could clamber through tunnels, doodle with chalk on the walls, thread pool noodles through a grid network of holes, cuddle up with giant plush snakes, run through a blue ocean and a forest with twinkly lights… it was tons of fun!

Luanne shared that The Artground hopes to provide a platform for emerging local artists to showcase their work. I thought it was such a wonderful initiative!

I love that the installation encourages creativity and open-ended play so the children were free to climb, run around, explore and just play. There are no ‘Do not touch’ signs nor are there any time limit for play. Our local museums really should take a leaf from them!

The place is airconditioned and very spacious. I think it would be the perfect destination on hot or rainy days, perfect for playdates or even for stay-at-home mums to bring the children on weekday mornings! Parents can just chill out on the beanbags while the children run amok 🙂

There is also a craft corner filled with bags of recycled materials which children can help themselves to, as well as a quiet reading corner.

Here’s a video snippet of the place if you are keen:

Come Saturdays and Sundays, Weekends at The Artground offers age-specific drop-in programmes that families with young children can engage in together. These include gardening, performing arts (music, dance/movement & drama) as well as arts & craft activities.

Each programme will be charged at $10 per parent-child pair. You can purchase a single ticket, TAG cards for 5 or 10 + 1 sessions at $50 and $100 respectively at the reception.

We tried out the Arty Crafty – Happy Funny Fishes class (for 4 to 7 year olds) where the boys learnt how to make colourful number-patterned fish using paper plates. Here’s what’s on for the weekend of 23 and 24 September.

Before we left, we also made sure we checked out The Good Garden, a children’s urban food garden initiative by Cultivate Central for The Artground.

The Good Garden is a whimsical food garden that will nurture a sense of what it means to connect with nature and help things grow. We sniffed at the herb patch and admired the airplants, crawling vines and even the most plump baby brinjals. We also spied compost pits and self-watering devices made from recycled materials.

Such a lovely green space – I would love to bring the boys back to attend the weekend gardening workshops!

The Artground is a lovely space where families can feel at ease to come to, to spend some time, to discover, to learn and to be curious. We had a really good time and will definitely be back!

The Artground

Goodman Arts Centre

90 Goodman Road

Block J #01-40

Singapore 439053

Opening Hours: Wed to Thu 930am-5pm, Fri to Sun 930am-6pm, closed on Mon and Tue.